Privacy Policy

Privacy Terms

A privacy policy is playing an important role to explain the safety and essential conditions of working and having a record of your personal information.

Which Personal Record We Have:

When you move toward the online purchase and create an ID for ajacketzone. We have your record as; name, email, phone number, for US customers social security number is required but not in all situations.

Why Do We Keep Your Record

The personal record is used to update about upcoming trends and events on ajacketzone. It also compels us to refine our content, services, and advertising. You can keep staying away from our mailings by authorizing us via email.

Your personal information works when we changing in our products, services, content, and advertising.

We may utilize your record to deliver important messages including variations in our terms, conditions, and policies.

It might fulfill our internal goals such as examining, data analysis, and research to improve Leather Jacket Master’s products and services.

Protection Of Your Record

Protection of your record is a vital need for you so ajacketzone always tries to keep maintain that point. We must keep holding your private information aside preventing illegal access, echo, and demolishing.