Shipping/Delivery Policy

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The Cycle

Shipping Delivery takes quite 10 operative days in ancient circumstances.

We use specific delivery services like FedEx, DHL, and SkyNet FedEx. Communication in USA and RoyalMail inside excellent Britain.

The Costs

We have a Flat 3.99$ rate of shipping for several countries. Except for a couple of countries in Japan, Europe, Africa, and South America, the value of shipping could also be a small amount extra as a result of high postage costs in those regions.

For all orders, shipping is completely FREE, no matter what percentage of product you get

Import Duties Taxes is not responsible for any import duties/taxes a customer may incur. The value of the item paid to the u. s. of America is exclusive of those charges. The buyer is responsible for envisioning their domestic customs if they plan to get taxed for importing/buying our things.

Custom policies are strict in Canada and Brazil and Belgium so far and we hope it does not  stays this way